Stop Fluoridation

How to help

Here are some suggestions.

Ask your MP to oppose water fluoridation.

See Find MPs for your MP's contact details.

The more letters against fluoridation an MP receives the more effect they will have, providing they are not too similar to each other, so use your own wording. A suggestion for what to write to your MP is here.

Give your address and telephone number, as your MP will want to know. If you are not familiar with the rules, see Contacting your MP for brief guidance.

Offer your support to Fluoride Free Alliance UK which is running the national campaign. Contact: help at stopfluoridation full stop uk (the address is shown like this to make it harder to harvest for those who send rubbish - convert "at" and "full stop" to the usual symbols and omit spaces).

Inform as many people as you can about the threat of fluoridation, letting them know about If you use social media, you can readily spread the word.

Help to start a local group, as you can do much more together.

Thank you.

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